The duration of this Action is four years. At the kick-off meeting, MC, WGs, DB and PB will be established; the executive positions in MC of each WG will be determined. A website and e-mail communication list will be launched at the latest within three months after the kick-off meeting. The MC will meet at least once a year. At least one of the WG, DB and PB meetings will take place simultaneously with the MC meetings. The activities within each WG will be carried out to achieve the main milestones following this timescale:

Phase 1
Mo1 – Mo12

Kick-off meeting
  • Establishment of Management Committee (MC), Working Groups (WG), Steering Committee (SC), Dissemination Board (DB) and Prospective Board (PB).
  • Scientific-technical meeting.
  • Identification and selection of the most promising issues to be investigated and evaluated in detail.
  • SC report on follow-up. Call for first workshop.
  • PB report on regional, national, and international calls for funding.
  • Web page and internal electronic updates.
  • Updated literature survey and development of common reference scenarios.
  • Establishment of an IPR agreement.
  • Establishment of Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).


Phase 2
Mo13 – Mo42
  • First workshop by Mo13.
  • Detailed workplan based on outcomes of Phase I.
  • Preliminary test cases drafted and executed on appropriate equipment.
  • Decision on participation in specific funding calls.
  • Second workshop ca. Mo25.
  • Third workshop ca. Mo37.
  • Evaluation of the resulting test vehicles.
  • Evaluation of dissemination results.
  • Evaluation of visits and training programs.


Phase 3
Mo43 – Mo48
  • Final workshop ca. Mo47.
  • Review of achievements for widest dissemination.
  • Assessment of developed methods, models, techniques, strategies, and tools.
  • Final results collected and evaluated.
  • Final report completed (Mo48).