Dear COST MC members and partners The local organisers of the next COST meetings in Warsaw have already set the webpage where all the required information is included. Please get into the page at your earliest convenience and complete your data. This is a procedure besides the Acceptance of e-COST. Please remember you are eligible for funding to this meeting if you are either: An MC member An MC substitute for those parties where no MC member is attending An ECR participating in an STSM A young researcher who has announced s/he will have an oral presentation AND has received an invitation from e-COST Other partners have shown their interest in attending the meeting with no funding claims. Needless to say they are accepted too. ECRs and young researchers who intend to present their communications, please upload your abstracts to the above mentioned webpage. We intend to complete the Agenda about 25th August. Abstracts must be uploaded before that date, so that we can organise the sessions. For more informations visit